Søndag d. 16. september kl. 11
Teater Nordkraft


Karolina Leedo, fløjter
Mathias Reumert, percussion
David Hildebrandt, percussion
Anders Kann Elten, percussion


Louis Aguirre: Orula (Liturgia de la Adivinación)

Commissioned by Karolina Leedo with fonds provided by the Statens Kunstfond of Denmark,“Orula” is one of the more unique and monumental creations of Louis Aguirre. It is music of extreme sonorities and imposing dramatic character, conceived to worship the Orisha of divination and wisdom, owner of the supreme oracle in the Afro-Cuban religion, the universe that inspires Aguirre’s music. Orula is a work of transcendental, mystical and ritual content that bets for a violent and spiritual impact on the listener. Ascribed to the ground of what the composer calls “Total Instrument” or “Instrumental Monodrama” the performance of “Orula” transforms the scene into a transgressive and ritualistic space.

Dr. Iván César Morales Flores, Professor i musik ved University of Oviedo, Spanien